Tax Compliance Services Tax Compliance Services Tax Compliance Services

Our tax compliance services are created to assist you with this critical aspect of doing business and provide you peace of mind that your company is complying with all the necessary tax reporting and requirements.

Our Tax Compliance Services include:

  • Annual Tax Registration
      • ITR (1701 and 1702)
      • BIR Form 1604E
      • BIR Form 1604CF
      • Additional support as required for Annual auditing
  • Quarterly Tax Services (Preparation, Filing and Payment)
      • Percentage Tax for Individual
      • Income Tax (together with SAWT)
      • Fringe Benefit Tax
  • Monthly Tax Services (Preparation, Filing and Payment)
      • Value Added Tax,
      • Withholding Tax on Compensation
      • Expanded together with MAP

We provide tax compliance services within Makati and Metro Manila areas. Email us today at!

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